Lalla Nezha Cookery Class, Marrakech, Morocco


As I have a keen interest in food and experiencing spices from different continents, it only seemed right to enjoy taking part in a cooking class whilst I was in Morocco.

After some research online I came across details for Lalla Nezha, a woman that seemed to offer a fantastic way of not only providing a recipe but also customing this to suit personal taste and offering complete guidance from start to finish. As I was seeking a truly authentic experience, she appeared to be the best choice – I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

Cookery class, Marrakesh

The day began by meeting Lalla Nezha in Djemaa El Fna where we waited for the rest of our group of six people that would also be taking part in the class. 

Following a sensory overloaded trip to the market for spices, meat and cous-cous, Lalla drove us back to her beautiful home a short distance outside of Marrakech.

On our arrival, she presented each of us with aprons and cooking equipment as we each picked a spot in the sun to begin slicing and seasoning the freshly purchased ingredients. Once this job was completed we then started arranging our food into individual tagines, lightly oiled, before placing these onto the open fire whilst we had a break to socialise amongst the group and drink mint tea whilst preparing a potato salad to accompany our tagines.


When the cooking was complete we were able to tuck into the food which we had each prepared in Lalla’s company and have an open discussion about the food and Moroccan life in general. After what is effectively a full day spent doing the cookery class, Lalla Nezha returned us to our pick up location but not before taking us to her preferred stall for tagines which we had all decided to buy. They are a relatively cheap purchase and if packed well, might even make it back on the plane (fortunately, my own did survive the Ryanair flight)!

Overall, it is a fantastic way to learn more about traditional Moroccan recipes from a woman that is happy to share her culinary knowledge and customise recipes to your taste.

In case you would like to try any of these, I have included a sample of recipes from our class with Lalla Nezha. For all tagine recipes, the cous-cous should be added to the tagine around 15 minutes before cooking is completed.

Couscous (500g = 3-4 people)

Rinse in olive oil

Rinse with warm water

Sit for 15mins


Fish Tagine

300g fish (of yor choice)

1tsp tumeric

1tsp paprika

½ tsp cumin

1tsp garlic

1tbsp olive oil

pinch black pepper

pinch salt

pinch fresh coriander

½ tsp ginger

1tsp coriander

juice of 1 lemon

–        Marinate fish in all ingredients

–        add tomatoes and olives to taste if desired

SAMSUNGChicken with lemon and olives

300g chicken

1tbsp onion

½ tsp garlic

½ tsp ginger

1tsp lemon juice

pinch black pepper

3tbsp water

½ tsp cumin

1tsp tumeric

½ garamasala (35 spices)

Handful olives

–        Add handful olives 5 mins before end

Thanks for reading, for bookings with Lalla Nezha please email:

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