Travel Tips: Doing your part to travel responsibly

I recently wrote an article for Destinations Travel Magazine which is now featured in the September 2012 issue. The topic is ‘Doing your part to travel responsibly‘ where I suggest tips and ideas to help you be to become a more responsible and conscious traveller.

Here’s a snippet of the article:

Making the decision to be a responsible tourist doesn’t need to change the dynamics of a holiday. Helping to protect the environment and continuing to enjoy the destination is something that everybody can do to contribute to tourism in their country of choice.

Be it an airline, hotelier or a travel agency, many companies are aware of the importance of greener travel and helping travellers to ensure that they are doing their part. However, navigating the minefield of those that are serious about their social responsibility and those that are simply ‘green-washing’ is thirsty work. Once the flight is booked with an airline proclaiming ‘reduced carbon emissions’ or the hotel that focusses upon ‘conservative energy use’ has been chosen, what next?

Travel is all about broadening the horizons, becoming more conscious of the world and our role within it. In many circumstances we desire that to be as natural as possible.

So, what can you do to consciously make a difference?

Click here to read the full article. I hope that you enjoy it – please share your comments below with regards to the suggested tips for responsible travel.

4 thoughts on “Travel Tips: Doing your part to travel responsibly”

  1. Eco-conservation is the crying call of the hour. The blogger has clearly come up with nice suggestions as how to be responsible tourists or travelers. I really enjoyed reading the article and wish that every travel enthusiast must read it.


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