Eating out at Thai Pacific, Paris


In December 2009, I visited Paris with my boyfriend for a new years’ break. Whilst we were away, we decided to indulge our craving for Thai food and try Thai Pacific, a fabulous little restaurant that served incredible, tasty food at very affordable prices. The memory of the delightful menu stayed with us so strongly, that three years later in September 2012, we followed the direction of our noses and hoped that we would be able to remember where the restaurant was located. Not to be disappointed, we were fortunate to find the restaurant as perfectly tucked away as we had recalled.

Thai Pacific is located around a fifteen minute walk from the Eiffel tower (it seems longer when you’re as hungry as we were) and offers a warm welcome to all that enter.

With a relatively small seating area, you might initially wonder whether you’ll be able get a table. Yet there’s no need to worry; towards the back of the restaurant is a corridor which takes you into a room that I am certain is supposed to be somebody’s living room. Alas, with a few tables and chairs, it instead forms an additional, warm and welcoming room to enjoy the delights of the menu.

Below are a few photos of our meals :





The food was prepared to perfection and just as tasty as we had remembered with a fine mix of spice to give it an extra edge. Everything tasted fresh and left us feeling satisfied with our find, moreso pleased that it had lived up to our memories.

If you’re visiting Paris and looking for a Thai restaurant then be sure to consider Thai Pacific. It’s a welcoming place that makes you feel as though you’re sat at a friends’ house being treated to tasty food. Which you effectively are :-).

I’m returning to Paris in a couple of months so, can you recommend any other places to satisfy my love for Asian food whilst in France?

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