‘Wandermania On Tour’ hits Caribbean Scene Royale, Docklands

Open-kitchen at Caribbean Scene Royale

As part of my plans to attend World Travel Market 2012 at the Excel Centre, London, I made plans to meet up with the travel bloggers that are part of Wandermania On Tour.Wandermania, founded by Tracey Friley is a series of travel blogger meet-ups in cities around the world, aimed at inspiring multi-cultural attendees to take their work to the next level through creative marketing and social media campaigns.

The evening provided a fantastic opportunity to meet up with travel bloggers that, to date, I had only been virtually introduced to through social media. Having a get-together on my home turf in London was not a chance to be missed, especially when the venue was announced as Caribbean Scene Royale by the Docklands, an award-winning restaurant  bringing a slice of Caribbean culture to the diversity of London. The evening consisted of an intimate chat, giving us all a chance to be heard and find out more about each other throughout the evening. An in-depth, fun and structured evening in excellent surroundings.

We were welcomed to the restaurant by O’Neil and Rose, management staff that offered a warm welcome to the group as we kick-started the evening. We started the evening with appropriately named ‘Jamaica Me Crazy’ cocktails, consisting of Appleton white rum, Blue curacao, Captain Morgan, Coconut & pineapple juice, Cremé de banana, dash of Gomme syrup and dash of lime. Divine! Our starters were served quite quickly, consisting of mixed a selection of food to suit all tastes. From fish bites and beef patties to chicken wings and ackee and saltfish parcels, the creativity and hearty taste delighted us all and offered a good range for both meat and vegetarian tastes.

Meat starter platter
Vegetarian starter platter

The starters were promptly followed by our main course, two huge platters of Jamaican inspired dishes that we enjoyed with a flavoursome fruit punch during the evening. The restaurant offers an extensive menu, yet our mains consisted of chicken with rice and peas and king prawns with boiled rice – both fresh, delicious and full-flavoured.

‘Wandermania on Tour’ bloggers meet-up, London

Overall, the experience of dining at Caribbean Scene Royale was a great one. I really enjoyed the drinks and food that were served at the restaurant and the staff were inviting and attentive throughout our meet-up. It’s a new favourite place for me in London, and provides a great way for anybody to sample the colourful, culinary delights of the Caribbean in a quality restaurant.

Have you tried Caribbean Scene Royale or any other restaurants within their group?

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