It may be Christmas, but are you in the spirit of goodwill?

The season of goodwill is upon us and with that comes a lot of parties, friends and family to visit and the organisation of getting from A to B and then to C to be arranged.

But, did you know:

  • 25% of people dislike seeing their families over Christmas
  • 15% hate attending parties
  • 91% will be travelling by car
  • 16% hate feeling that they need to be nice

Personally, I found those statistics a little surprising and as someone that will be travelling quite a bit this winter, a touch concerning – what happened to goodwill, merriment and festive cheer? It seems that we spend so long looking forward to a few days off work and trying to cram everything into making the season special, that I guess it just isn’t realistic to not expect some problem to occur, families to fall out or the travel plans to be completely squashed for some reason or another…

Tthe infographic below highlights that sometimes, things don’t quite go to plan.

Holiday Hazards Infographic

Source: Masters In Healthcare, 10th December 2012

Have you ever experienced any seasonal mishaps, or do you just avoid travelling at this time to minimise the stress?

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