Bimuno Immunaid

Aid your traveller stomach woes with Bimuno IMMUNAID

Travellers’ diarrhoea is the most common illness contracted by Brits abroad; according to NHS statistics it affects up to 60% of travellers. Similarly, other conditions like IBS can come and go in bouts, often during times of stress or after eating certain foods that we can come across on our travels.

While it tends to be those visiting developing countries or exotic destinations that are particularly at risk, a bout of stomach trouble can occur at any time.

Whenever I travel I’m wary about eating street food, having no access to bottled water and ensuring that I generally eat and drink in sanitary conditions… although sometimes I just can’t resist. Eating crickets in Thailand, street food in Brazil and sharing food with Bedouins in Egypt is probably enough to scare my GP. But then, that’s part of the experience of travel.

I’ve been fortunate so far to have no stomach upsets as a result of my travels, but taking preventative measures can never be overlooked. Stomach upsets can be triggered by a number of factors, from a change in climate, stress and exposure to unfamiliar food and water.

When I heard about Bimuno prebiotics I thought it seemed like a great product if it has the potential to prevent these tummy woes on the road by supporting the build up of natural defences.


Bimuno IMMUNAID is very easy to take; all you need to do is chew on 2 tasty pastilles after breakfast each day – it’s suitable for children and adults alike.

IMMUNAID contains a patented prebiotic compound, galacto-oligosaccharide (quite a mouthful, I know), that is the only second generation prebiotic available on the market. It exhibits extra properties that are not found in other pre or probiotics, such as the ability to help force harmful bacteria out of your gut. It’s also gluten free, and contains vitamin C for an extra immune boost. This helps to make sure that your stomach has more resistance against any dodgy food that you may eat on your travels. When the levels of the good bugs wane on your travels, Bimuno provides a refreshingly easy way to replenish them with the help of probiotics and prebiotics.

Bimuno also offer other forms of nutrition for your health to increase and strengthen your body’s ‘good’ bacteria by working in harmony with your body’s own gastro-intestinal tract. With this form of preparation, when struck with some bug or other, the effects are minimal. Over 60% of your body’s immune system is centred in your gut, so taking care of the bacteria that lives in it can have huge benefits.

You can buy IMMUNAID of any of Bimuno’s product range from their website: or from Boots chemist.

Please note that Bimuno are also the producers of the TRAVELAID product. IMMUNAID has added vitamin C, however if you wish to take IMMUNAID whilst travelling then you should take 2 pastilles a day starting from 7 days before your trip.

Reviewed following sample of Bimuno IMMUNAID;  all opinions are my own.

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