Touring Abu Dhabi and Dubai with Big Bus Tours

After an early morning arrival in Abu Dhabi, I wanted a quick way to whiz around the city for a solo sightseeing tour before continuing my journey to Dubai. Thankfully, Big Bus Tours offered the ideal solution for my needs with a complimentary ticket to join their tour.

Abu Dhabi

Knowing that I had limited time, I arranged to leave my luggage at the airport before taking a taxi to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque at a cost of just 60 dirhams (around £11). I spent a little more than an hour at the Mosque before collecting my ticket to join the Big Bus Tour on the red route.Abu DhabiAbu DhabiAbu Dhabiwpid-20150228_102026.jpg

The tour takes roughly 2 hours to visit all stops on the red route. In comparison to other tours that I’ve taken around the world, this wasn’t one of my favourite tours. The highlight was the Mosque, however other parts of the city just didn’t capture my interest as much.Abu Dhabi

Unfortunately, time didn’t allow me to visit Yas island however it is an option permitted with this ticket at no additional cost.

There is also free entry to the Sky Tower at Marina Mall, as well as 50% discount on the entry to Observation Deck 300 at Etihad Towers.Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi

All passengers are provided with a complimentary bottle of water and earphones to listen to the audio of the tour in a range of languages. The vehicles are air conditioned however despite the heat of the city, if you’re on the top deck then I do recommend bringing a scarf or wearing a long sleeved top as it does get very breezy as the bus gathers speed.Abu Dhabi

The staff that I had contact with were always professional and courteous towards me, including when I had to make a quick departure at the final stop to make my connection for a shuttle to Dubai.

I also enjoyed some time on the Dubai tour however again, my time was cut short due to a change in my flight schedule.

Personally, I enjoyed Dubai more than Abu Dhabi as it’s a much more visual city however both tours are great for gathering an initial awareness of the city and various locations for exploring later.Abu Dhabi

When visiting the UAE, do remember that it’s fairly young country so there isn’t a wealth of history to learn about. However the glitz of the cities and particularly Dubai make it a great getaway with Big Bus Tours helping you to get around in ease.

If you’re connecting to Dubai then do buy the Combo 48 hour ticket to take advantage of the tour in both cities including a connecting coach between cities at no extra charge.

Many thanks to Big Bus Tours for the complimentary ticket for Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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