Preview night: Celebrating 250 years of legacy with Zippos Circus

Zippos Circus is celebrating 250 years of the circus and they’re going to tour to commemorate it. I was pleased to see that the Birmingham show was taking place just a short walk away from my home in the city.

Following a recent trip to the circus my family and I were excited to have an opportunity to do it all again, this time at Zippos Circus as part of the nationwide ‘Legacy’ tour.

The legacy of Philip Astley

250 years ago in 1768, soldier and horseman Philip Astley created the modern circus by performing in a circus ring in London. Circuses across the world take their heritage from Astley who was a talented circus performer and huge personality. This evening’s show acted as testament to Astley’s legacy. Many of the tricks performed in this special 250th anniversary show were first performed in Astley’s Amphitheatre.

Zippos Circus: Legacy Tour

The international cast features daredevil Pablo in the Big Top and Alex Michael, a Brazilian aerialist who swings and walks upside down, 30 feet above the audience. There were no safety nets or wires in use, he’s completely fearless!

I also particularly enjoyed the the feature by Brazilian Capoeira acrobat Paulo Dos Santos – a brilliant 3 foot 11 inches tall showman. Dos Santos won first place in Brazil’s National Capoeira Championships and his show incorporated elements of Capoeira into the show.

Clown Totti and his wife, Charlotte, a traditional White Face Clown, also star as part of the show.

Zippos Circus includes so many gripping performances to be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

The acrobats of handbalancer Melissa Jimenez Perez is particularly impressive, her stability and flexibility were so admirable, we watched in awe.

The Khadikov Riders also perform an astonishing repertoire on horseback, including the rarely seen equestrian act called ‘The Courier of Saint Petersburg’. In this act a rider straddles two cantering horses – it’s certainly not one for the faint hearted!

In a real tribute to legacy, The Garia Brothers finish the show with their extraordinary hand balancing skills. As the sons of Pablo their performance nicely wraps up the show with a focus on the next generation.


Visitors to the show can expect a spectacle like no other. From acrobats to equestrians, clowns and daredevils, the show celebrates the unity of the circus by bringing sensational performers together.

We had such a fun evening and really enjoyed the variety of entertainment that the evening offered. The show is well organised and judging by the gasps and applause from the crowd, we were all left in awe of the talent on show.

After Birmingham, the legacy #Circus250 tour will continue around the country, heading to Bath, Tooting, East Ham, Gladstone Park, Wallington and finally, Newcastle-Under-Lyme. Prices start from £10.50 per adult and £9.00 per child. I’d highly recommend it as a fun way to spend time with the family; celebrate the legacy of #Circus250 in a city near you.

For showtimes and to buy tickets visit the Zippos Circus website today.

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