Romantic travel around the South Caucasus

Planning a romantic trip soon? If you are looking for something new, except for exotic islands, the South Caucasus will be your best destination. For your perfect trip, check out the top most romantic corners of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Armenia, Yerevan
Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is an amazing place for couples. It is one of the oldest cities in the world. Yerevan is called the pink city because almost all the buildings are built of pink tuff stone. The main buildings in the Republic Square are built of pink and orange tuff, that look so fascinating under streetlights.

The city is truly full of romantic atmosphere. Here you can walk until dawn, have a romantic dinner on the roof, visit museums and much more. Moreover, there is a cozy park in Yerevan and it is called “Lovers’ Park”. In the park you can often meet the newlyweds on their wedding photo shoot.


Dilijan is a small and cozy resort town which is often called “a small paradise”. You will fall in love with the nature of Dilijan once and for all. This small resort is hidden in the mountains among coniferous forests. It is a great place for a romantic trip at any time of the year

On all sides, Dilijan is surrounded by Dilijan National Park. If the weather is fine you can arrange a walk or a horse riding around the park and reach the small clear lake Parz. The town is beautiful in any season. In winter the weather here is mild however it heavy snows. Enjoy fairy winter, hike or ski with your beloved.


Jermuk is not only one of the popular health resorts, but also one of the most beautiful places in Armenia. The road to the resort is no less impressive. It leads up to an altitude of 2800 meters. The landscapes change from rocky gorges to forests, and finally, the city of Jermuk, divided by the river Arpa opens before your eyes.

Jermuk is first of all known for its healing mineral water. Its composition is similar to mineral water in the famous Karlovy Vary. Tourists visit Jermuk not only for health procedures, but also for clean mountain air, solitude and beautiful landscapes.

Georgia, Tbilisi
Tbilisi is a city of lights, bright colours and hot nights. In order to catch the temperament of the Georgians, it is worth spending a couple of days in Georgia, and the best place to start romantic getaways is Tbilisi.

Tbilisi is a city of possibilities. In the ancient capital, two eras are in perfect harmony. Historical monuments look much more impressive alongside the modern architecture. Just walking about the narrow streets and parks holding hands with your beloved may become an unforgettable memory. Take at least 3 days to walk around the city. During the day, it is best to explore historical monuments, Mtatsminda Mountain, visit the main shrine of Tbilisi Sameba cathedral, take a walk along the Peace Bridge, and visit Rike Park with unique pieces of modern architecture. If you want to be closer to nature, head to the Botanical Garden. You can explore the huge park the whole day and discover more beautiful corners.


Sighnaghi is called the city of love. It is located in the picturesque Kakheti region, the land of vineyards and wine. A small resort town is perfect for a honeymoon. Narrow streets, old houses with tiled roofs, small restaurants and cafes complement the picture of your romantic holiday.


Batumi is the best place for a beach holiday in the South Caucasus. In a short time, Batumi has turned from the post-Soviet capital of Adjara into a modern European resort city. The unique architecture of Batumi, a beautiful boulevard along the coast, clean rocky beaches, romantic sunsets on the seashore are just perfect for a romantic holiday.

he capital of Adjara is ideal for both lovers of family and active holidays. In the resort, there are available luxury five-star hotels, affordable guest-houses, as well as comfortable apartments for rent of hotel type. Restaurants, cafes and clubs are located along the coast you can always find something interesting just walking along the coast.

Azerbaijan, Baku

Baku is a new destination for honeymoon and romantic getaways. For the development of tourism, the capital is actively developing. Now it may offer more interesting activities and places for the lovers of oriental culture.

The city is very beautiful and rich. Each square is decorated with fountains and statues. In Baku, you can make a number of beautiful photos of modern metropolis and Old Baku.


Are you looking for exotic, sandy beach and azure shores? Nabran will be a perfect choice. It is definitely the most beautiful shore of the Caspian Sea with vineyards and paradise gardens.

Nabran is a major tourist center in Azerbaijan with clean beaches, oak groves and mineral springs. As in other resort towns, the hotels here are chic with all the amenities for a romantic getaway.


If you are planning to spend a romantic vacation in Azerbaijan in winter, you should definitely choose Shahdag, a new modern ski resort. Azerbaijan has spent maximum funds and effort to improve the infrastructure, thus contributing to an increase in the number of tourists in the winter months.

The ski resort was built in just a few years. Now the infrastructure has everything you need for an active winter holiday including modern gondola lifts and ideal ski runs. Super-modern resort hotels can be compared with European ones, both in price and in terms of service. Azerbaijani spa are extra luxurious with a national flavour.

5 thoughts on “Romantic travel around the South Caucasus”

  1. More and more people are choosing to stay in the Caucasus. There is something for everyone. Romantic privacy, coniferous forest, active rest, fun. Good article and beautiful pictures immediately wanted to take a ticket and fly to the Caucasus


  2. To write about a trip to the South Caucasus – such a thought arose as soon as we returned from this trip. Our entire journey was so overwhelmed with vivid impressions that there was an urgent need to leave as much as possible “something to remember”: photos, videos, souvenirs, and just any belongings brought with us. My husband and I went on a trip the day after the wedding, and soon our friends joined us – a married couple. We visited countries such as Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. There are many places that we did not have time to see and where the soul was asking. Of course, we promised ourselves that we would return, because this country is worth it. Romance, adventures, hospitality and responsiveness of the inhabitants, delicious cuisine, real dry red wine, diverse nature, beauty and the immensity of the mountains – all this will open to anyone who decides to devote his trip to South Caucasus. The only thing to be regretted is that it was short …


  3. Thanks for telling so many interesting things about South Caucasus! I love everything I have seen and read about Armenia so far but I never knew that Yerevan was called the pink city. Now I want to visit it even more!


  4. I have been looking for a beautiful place to propose my girlfriend. She really likes travelling and overseeing nature and mountains. After reading the article felt Sighnaghi is the best corner in the world for my mission.


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