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Infographic: Business conference destinations

Business conferences are a great way for executives to bring like-minded professionals to the same place. While discussing the latest industry trends is certainly an important part of the experience, the location also plays a role. Certain cities are better equipped to host conferences than others, whether they can offer an excess of hotels or suitable executive travel options. Continue reading Infographic: Business conference destinations

Preparation for World Travel Market #WTM2012

In a few days, World Travel Market will be taking place, the world’s biggest travel event that attracts bloggers, tourist information boards, travel agencies, airlines and hoteliers to name a few. It’s a huge attraction for the travel industry and it’s here, in London. In preparation for my first trip to the event, I’ve been upping my organisation and maximising my communication to learn as much as I can; my expectations are high and I’m keen for them to be met.

I’ve shared a few tips below for bloggers that are seeking to maximise the potential of building their network and learning about the vast industry that is… travel. Continue reading Preparation for World Travel Market #WTM2012

Holiday Inn, Cavendish Street, Leeds, UK

I’ve been a little quiet for a couple of days as I had to do some travelling (UK only) with work. London to Somerset to Birmingham to Leeds to Liverpool to Birmingham and home to London. Fair to say I’m quite tired right now despite having just awoke in my latest hotel.

Now this is my very first time staying at a Holiday Inn Express, so I felt a blog post was needed as so far…. Well it’s pretty good! Continue reading Holiday Inn, Cavendish Street, Leeds, UK