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Top tips for a sightseeing tour in Goa, India

As part of a recent visit to India with the Nomadness Travel Tribe, I extended my stay for an additional three days to visit the Indian state of Goa, a former Portuguese province.

Having secured accommodation in North Goa, my friend and I were keen to explore as much of the state as possible within the limited time frame. Continue reading Top tips for a sightseeing tour in Goa, India

How far would you travel for a good curry?

I’m heading to India in just a few days and have been busily exploring options to learn about the culinary experiences that India has to offer.

Culinary travel tours are in trend right now – but just how far are you prepared to travel for a good curry? We Brits love spicy food, something with a bit of bite and when Indian cuisine got the Royal seal of approval in the nineteenth century, our love affair with Indian food began. Later, ex-foreign secretary Robin Cook described chicken tikka masala as “a true British national dish”. Continue reading How far would you travel for a good curry?

Haggis, a ‘Sweet Bed’ and new heights in Edinburgh, Scotland

Last weekend I enjoyed a much longed for weekend in Edinburgh, capital city of Scotland.

I stayed at the Ibis hotel (Ibis Edinburgh Centre South Bridge) that opened in January 2014 and boasting with 259 rooms in this central location, within a short distance of the main attractions in the city. With this in mind, I knew that I’d have a great chance to really maximise exploration of the city from a local base. Continue reading Haggis, a ‘Sweet Bed’ and new heights in Edinburgh, Scotland

South Beach Food Tour with Miami Culinary Tours

A few months ago I was invited to join Miami Culinary Tours on one of Miami’s top rated tours. A South Beach Food Tour.

At the time I had no definite plans to visit Florida. It had crossed my mind but to be honest, I wasn’t sure that the bank balance or the full  time job would allow it to really happen… thankfully, I was proven wrong.

After juggling a few things around, my flight was booked and I’d written back to Grace at Miami Culinary Tours to confirm that I would, in fact, be happy to accept a place on the tour. Continue reading South Beach Food Tour with Miami Culinary Tours

Five reasons to visit Brooklyn, New York

I was fortunate to have my first visit to the Big Apple earlier this year with the joint fortune of it being my first solo trip! My accommodation was in Clinton Hill, so I enjoyed exploring the city and seeing so much in my limited time there. With just two days to explore, I maximised my exploration of Brooklyn with a promise to see the rest on a return visit.

Brooklyn in particular is somewhere that I was excited to see; it’s best described as easygoing, diverse and artistic without being over the top.  Continue reading Five reasons to visit Brooklyn, New York

So I finally opened that pack of banana chips…

Banana chips from Thailand

So, I finally opened my pack of palm sugar covered banana chips. Yes, you read correctly. Banana chips. But not just any old kind. The ones that I bought whilst travelling in Thailand. Now don’t worry, this isn’t just a post about me and a love for banana chips (well, not completely) but it is about the relevance of food to a country and the travellers within it.

As we had been preparing for our final day in Bangkok, I had been searching for something that I would be allowed to pack in my suitcase to take home. Right now, as I munch through the pack, I am so happy with my decision.

Continue reading So I finally opened that pack of banana chips…

Borough Market, London

imageIt seems to have become a rarity of late to have much time out in the city which I currently call home… London. For those that follow on Twitter, you may be aware that I have been ill with flu, keeping me from my work and of course – blogging! After a couple of days respite and a flow of home-made honey, ginger and orange tea, I’m back 🙂

So today I was thrilled to feel up for a day out and to take a trip down the Northern Line to London Bridge to what is possibly my favourite foodie place – Borough Market.

Now, this market holds a special place in my heart. Continue reading Borough Market, London

Chatime’ makes its European début in London

Chatime, Soho, London

Chatime is a fantastic little place that has recently opened in Old Compton Street, London. Amid the buzz and spark of the capital and in particular Chinatown, comes a part of Taiwan, offering a delicious and vast menu of over 70, yes 7-0 options of bubble tea.

The name Chatime literally translates to ‘tea time’. Very appropriate, especially in the English capital city where we are so well known for our love of tea :-).

Continue reading Chatime’ makes its European début in London

#CookingWithJamesMartin – James Martin Cooking day, ‘Food at 52’ with Thomas Cook UK

James Martin cookery day at ‘Food at 52’, London

Today we spent a day cooking with James Martin. Yes, James Martin, a TV Chef that makes regular appearances on Saturday Kitchen, BBC1, a popular UK cookery show. Sponsored by Thomas Cook UK, the day was intended to display the partnership of the airline with the Chef to make a difference to airline food. We’ve all tried it. Food that is uninspiring, tasteless and offering no nutritional value whatsoever. Well, it seems that Thomas Cook are an airline trying and (if today was anything to go by) succeeding in setting a new standard.

Now whilst this wasn’t a direct travel opportunity, I think that food is a big part of travel. We visit a country, sample local cuisine and go home often trying to recreate it. Yet the flight is so much of the experience. From when we set foot inside the airport, the holiday experience should start. In-flight meals can help to make or break how you feel when you land yet often leave that full and sluggish feeling.

So today aimed to ensure that Thomas Cook and James Martin demonstrate the changes that they are making, providing good, satisfying food from fresh and tasty ingredients. Continue reading #CookingWithJamesMartin – James Martin Cooking day, ‘Food at 52’ with Thomas Cook UK