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How to spend a flight layover in Düsseldorf, Germany

A layover in Düsseldorf, Germany gives visitors plenty to do both inside and outside the airport. As the third largest airport in Germany, the Düsseldorf airport is a hub that provides great access to the nearby city.

I had a solo layover in the city on my way to Iceland and fortunately enjoyed fantastic weather. Düsseldorf surprised me with the range of things to do, all crammed into a relatively small space – the city has a population of just 593,682 people (2013). Read on for my tips for making the most of a layover in Düsseldorf. Continue reading How to spend a flight layover in Düsseldorf, Germany

A German-inspired Christmas in Birmingham

A visit to Birmingham during the Christmas season wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Frankfurt Christmas Market. It’s an annual event that (in my opinion) marks the start of the season.

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Mixed impressions at Alexanderplatz Apartments, Berlin

In August I visited Berlin with several friends for a chance to explore the city in warmer weather, particularly as my previous visit to the city had been during a much colder season!

Having booked the Hotel Amano for the first part of my stay, we then shifted to Alexanderplatz Apartments as we needed somewhere central, reasonably priced and suitable to accommodate the group. Continue reading Mixed impressions at Alexanderplatz Apartments, Berlin

It’s a wrap! Travel tips for Berlin, Germany #byExpedia

Last week was ‘Visit Berlin Week’ on the Ad-lib Traveller blog. As a result of a competition hosted by Expedia I was fortunate to spend a week exploring a city that I grew to love.

During my time there I explored so many places, from the concentration camp at Sachsenhausen to  the restaurant and shopping district around Mitte, to bars and entertainment and alternative nightlife at the Liquidrom. It was an insightful, fun-filled experience and one that filled me with memories to last a lifetime. Continue reading It’s a wrap! Travel tips for Berlin, Germany #byExpedia

Buck and Breck cocktail bar, Berlin #byExpedia

Recommended by Lollie from Berlinagenten: Gastro-Rallye, we visited Buck and Breck on our first evening in Berlin. She had described it to us as a “small but unique bar with fantastic and friendly staff“. Her information couldn’t have been more accurate.

Known as one of the world’s best bars, this cosy, one-room bar is home to one of the best that I have encountered. Buck and Breck is perfectly located in Mitte, just a short walk from Rosenthaler-Platz. It’s not obvious to find at all and depends upon you precisely locating the doorbell and shop fascia that overlooks Brunnenstrasse 177 – no mean feat as the shop fron that conceals the bar is often changed. Continue reading Buck and Breck cocktail bar, Berlin #byExpedia

Part 4: Dining in the Dark and more in Berlin #byExpedia

The journey to Berlin succeeded in meeting my expectations and proved to be a complete eye opener. The final leg of the trip gave me a chance to explore parts of the city such as Checkpoint Charlie, a local street market and the famous Sky Bar, before closing with a final meal at Nocti Vagus – a completely unique dining experience.

On the final day, I headed to Checkpoint Charlie which was close to the Eurostars Hotel on Friedrichstrasse in Mitte. This point marks the checkpoint that was referred to during the Cold War for people passing between East and West Berlin. It is also the point where Soviet and American tanks faced each other during the Berlin Crisis of 1961. The site was designated as the single crossing point for foreigners and members of the Allied forces as they were not allowed to use the other checkpoints issued for foreigners. Today the point stands a reminder of the divide that once existed.
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Part 3: Taking in the history of Sachsenhausen #byExpedia

Our third day in Berlin saw us gather with a small group totalling five people, meeting at 10am for our next tour with a difference. We were off to visit Sachsenhausen. The Sachsenhausen Camp was most prominently used during the second world war as part of Hitler’s regime. It also served as the model camp during the Holocaust, used to structure the other concentration camps – this being one of the first to be formed.

After an introduction to David – who has been a tour guide in Berlin for over three years – it was clear that he was insightful and keen to share his knowledge. He’s clearly dedicated to the history of Germany having devoted his degree and PHD towards the subject. Continue reading Part 3: Taking in the history of Sachsenhausen #byExpedia

A photo essay of St. Mary’s Church, Alexander Platz, Berlin #byExpedia

St. Mary’s Church, also known as Marienkirche, is the oldest church in Berlin located on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße near Alexander Platz. Estimated to date back to the 13th century, the now re-composed architecture of the building stands as a Lutheran Protestant church.

Overshadowed by Berlin’s Sky Bar, St.Mary’s Church has withstood the transition that Berlin made during the war when it was previously a Roman Catholic Church. The structure of the building gives it an unmissable presence, with its largely red brick composition giving it a characteristic feel. Below are a few photos that I took whilst wandering around the church. Continue reading A photo essay of St. Mary’s Church, Alexander Platz, Berlin #byExpedia

A 5-star stay at Eurostars Hotel, Berlin #byExpedia

Entrance of Eurostars Hotel

As part of the #byExpedia Berlin Bloggers competition, I had to choose a hotel to accommodate my boyfriend and I for the duration of our stay. Having perused a selection of hotels on the Expedia website, I settled on the Eurostars Hotel, a five-star complex located on Friedrichstrasse; the heart of Berlin and a perfect base from which to explore the city.

Upon arrival at the hotel, we received a warm welcome by the Receptionist who confirmed that our room was ready and all facilities were available except for the hotel pool. Unfortunately it was having its annual service but an alternative pool was available in a nearby hotel. To be honest we didn’t miss it as Berlin is jam-packed with activities to keep you occupied. Continue reading A 5-star stay at Eurostars Hotel, Berlin #byExpedia

Jam-packed adventure in Friedrichshafen, Germany #TreasureFDH

Route taken for 'The Great Monarch Treasure Hunt to the Alps'
Route taken for ‘The Great Monarch Treasure Hunt to the Alps’

Following my previous post about the trip to Friedrichshafen in Germany with Monarch Airlines and Bodensee-Airport Friedrichshafen, I wanted to fill you in on the full details of my intense yet fun-filled 24-hour return trip to Friedrichshafen.

Located on the northern side of Lake Constance in South Germany near Litchenstein, Switzerland and Austria, Friedrichshafen was established in 1811 within the state of Baden-Württemberg. With a population of around 58,000 people, the city is well located to serve tourists to the Alps as well as the surrounding areas, making it an ideal year-round destination.

Travelling from London to the Austrian Alps is possible in just 2.5 hours, a surprisingly quick turnaround enabling you to maximise your time on the slopes. From Bodensee-Airport there are excellent transfer times to the major ski resorts of Austria and Switzerland amongst others. The new airport terminal building has 14 check-in desks, as well as a new non-aviation area with bars, shops and a duty-free-shop.
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