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Are you REALLY ready for your next trip?

I’m in the midst of finalising my preparations for a long awaited sunshine holiday to the one and only Brazil. Two weeks of touring Rio, Sao Paulo, Paraty and Ilha Grande with my boyfriend and friends – we’re all set for the adventure.

Or at least I thought I was, until I realised a week before departure that I hadn’t checked out my vaccination status. I recalled having a medical check before my last long haul visit to Thailand, but in all honesty, I had no idea whether they would still be valid…. I’d misplaced my medical card.

Obviously, having vaccinations just a few days before departure was not ideal. The queasy feeling, the arm ache – not nice. Unfortunately negotiating a GP appointment at my local NHS centre (where I can never get an appointment in less than three weeks) was not going to happen. The Receptionist gave me a telling off on three separate phone calls and I came away thinking ‘I’m sure I’ll be fine…..’ but that shouldn’t be enough. Continue reading Are you REALLY ready for your next trip?

High and lows of planning a surprise getaway – with a difference!

Canal, Amsterdam
Panoramic view of canal

It’s been in the planning for months. A surprise getaway for my boyfriend to celebrate the end of his twenties and the start of officially hitting the big 3-0.

As somebody that loves to plan travel, I could think of no better way to surprise him than a short getaway with a difference – I wouldn’t be accompanying him. You see, on all of the trips that we have taken, we’ve always travelled as a couple or with a group. He has never had a lads’ holiday.

Now this was something that I thought about in great depth. Some suggested that it was unwise, sending a man away with a group of friends would be bound to end badly. On the other hand, I considered it important that he take this type of trip. It offers a new perspective on travel and I’ve always loved my girly getaways as they have a completely different dynamic. Why shouldn’t he have the same opportunity?
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Travel planning for the year ahead: It’s all in the preparation

imageI was recently leaving work, when I noticed the first signs of the autumn season kicking in. An overcast sky, rain in the distance and needing to put on the car headlights at 5.30pm. Darkness had settled in for the night before I had even arrived home!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Until it reaches the Christmas holidays, it becomes a mix of dark mornings and even darker evenings. But, there is always a silver lining – making travel arrangements for the coming months, ideally with an escape to a brighter, sunny climate for my necessary dose of Vitamin C.

So, that kick-started my evening, consulting a range of different websites to start shopping around to plan flights and accommodation. Continue reading Travel planning for the year ahead: It’s all in the preparation

The stress of pre-holiday packing!

A recent article shared by Bucks Herald newspaper, revealed that 26% of people avoid doing their own holiday packing, often asking somebody else to do the chore because they find it too stressful. From the study of 5,000 Britons, this was the main reason used for putting off something which is unfortunately an inevitable part of travel.

I’ve put together a short list of tips that make it a little easier to have your packing in order and essentially, relax before your departure.

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