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Very Inspiring Blogger Award – thank you!

I was pleased to learn that I have recently been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Kay from TravellerSoul76, a self-described world traveller, serial expat, translator, ESL Teacher and photographer – quite a list I think you’ll agree! Many thanks to Kay for the nomination which I gladly accept. You can view her blog post here. Continue reading Very Inspiring Blogger Award – thank you!

“The Inspiration Initiative” #inspiretravel

EasyJet Holidays recently launched the ‘Inspiration Initiative’ competition, asking bloggers to blog about who, what, where and when they were inspired to travel. I’ve decided to take part, you can find out more information via this link.


My parents. Whilst we were not able to travel as often as they would have liked, the times when we did were certainly memorable in shaping my perception of travel during the formative years. Continue reading “The Inspiration Initiative” #inspiretravel