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Guest post: Top Tips for A First-Time Traveller To Hong Kong

Guest post by Xavier Walker

In 2018 I decided to head off to Hong Kong (HK) to visit my friend, Zoe. We met a few years earlier at university, but I hadn’t seen her since 2015 – it was about time we reunited to make new memories together. It was my first time in HK, which I coincided with Chinese New Year. It was a great opportunity to spend time with Zoe, learn about her culture, and meet the important people in her life (such as her boyfriend, Jeremy).

If HK is on your radar for places to visit, my 5 tips below can help you make the most of your stay. Continue reading Guest post: Top Tips for A First-Time Traveller To Hong Kong

Five reasons to visit Jamaica

Bump twists
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I’ve previously written about Portland in Jamaica, home to my family and a location where many family members still live, however earlier this year I was fortunate to pay them a visit and spend some more time travelling around the country.

Visitors are welcomed to the Caribbean island to enjoy budget, mid-range or luxury accommodation, shopping, nightlife and more. With it’s laidback culture and tourist attractions like Dunns River Falls, Mystic Mountain, YS Falls, it’s a vibrant and warm place to visit. Below are my top five reasons to visit Jamaica. Continue reading Five reasons to visit Jamaica

Revelations in “New York, New York”

“New York, New York”, the city that never sleeps and one that I recently visited on an oh-so-spontaneous trip across the Atlantic – oh, and it was also my first solo trip; bring on the pressure!

New York is a city that I was never quite sure about. As a beach and relaxation kind of girl, the idea of the glitz, shopping, glamourous nightlife and more was never something that was at the top of my bucket list. In fact, it always reminded me of London, which may explain why I put off visiting – why go somewhere that was just like home? Continue reading Revelations in “New York, New York”

Serenity in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

On my latest visit to Jamaica, I’ve had more time than usual to cram in some sightseeing around the country hence being able to take a trip from Portland (in the East) towards the southern coast, with one of my destinations being the parish of St. Elizabeth. Whilst I have family based there, I can’t recall the last time that I actually visited (awful, I know!), so I was keen to become reacquainted with the area, albeit for just a few short hours.

The parish of St. Elizabeth is one of the largest in Jamaica, yet it remains largely unspoilt – which is a true part of its beauty. The less-trodden paths offer great appeal to those seeking a serene way to take in the culture of Jamaica and the diversity of its people. Continue reading Serenity in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

It’s a wrap! Travel tips for Berlin, Germany #byExpedia

Last week was ‘Visit Berlin Week’ on the Ad-lib Traveller blog. As a result of a competition hosted by Expedia I was fortunate to spend a week exploring a city that I grew to love.

During my time there I explored so many places, from the concentration camp at Sachsenhausen to  the restaurant and shopping district around Mitte, to bars and entertainment and alternative nightlife at the Liquidrom. It was an insightful, fun-filled experience and one that filled me with memories to last a lifetime. Continue reading It’s a wrap! Travel tips for Berlin, Germany #byExpedia

Buck and Breck cocktail bar, Berlin #byExpedia

Recommended by Lollie from Berlinagenten: Gastro-Rallye, we visited Buck and Breck on our first evening in Berlin. She had described it to us as a “small but unique bar with fantastic and friendly staff“. Her information couldn’t have been more accurate.

Known as one of the world’s best bars, this cosy, one-room bar is home to one of the best that I have encountered. Buck and Breck is perfectly located in Mitte, just a short walk from Rosenthaler-Platz. It’s not obvious to find at all and depends upon you precisely locating the doorbell and shop fascia that overlooks Brunnenstrasse 177 – no mean feat as the shop fron that conceals the bar is often changed. Continue reading Buck and Breck cocktail bar, Berlin #byExpedia