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“Don’t be a Gringo” The largest favela in Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro

Located in Rio’s South Zone between the districts of São Conrado and Gávea, Rocinha is the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In nothing more than a shantytown, I spent the morning with a group from BeALocal.com wandering around one of the most notoriously dangerous places in Brazil.

A favela in Brazil is what would also be known as the slums or ghetto areas in other parts of the world, typically an area of the city that the Government would prefer that you didn’t see. Why? Because (in Rochinha’s case) with a population of over 69,000 people and around 25,000 vertically built homes, it is a representation of failings. Continue reading “Don’t be a Gringo” The largest favela in Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro

Hostel, Hotel, Pousada or Apartment? Accommodation in Brazil

On a recent trip to Brazil, I spent some time travelling around with friends exploring Rio, Sao Paulo, Paraty and Ilha Grande. As part of the trip, we would not only be travelling around a lot but also needing to shift between different types of accommodation.

We stayed in everything from hostels and apartments to four-star hotels and pousadas. All of which gave me a good, all-round idea of the types of accommodation available in the country. Take a look at my experiences below outlining each of the places where we stayed.

Definition of a Pousada: According to Hidden Pousadas Brazil,they are always small with up to 40 rooms and the typical amenities that would be expected from a B&B or Inn, just at a more charming level. Continue reading Hostel, Hotel, Pousada or Apartment? Accommodation in Brazil

Carnival 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is a destination that has been on my must-see list for some time so you can only imagine my joy at finally getting the chance to go. Not only would our itinerary include the experience of carnival in Rio De Janeiro, but it would also be a trip including stays in Sao Paulo, Paraty and Ilha Grande. 

Having planned every meticulous detail of our trip, you can only imagine my concern when our flight from London was delayed by two hours (resulting in us almost missing our connection). My anxiety didn’t wane until we had run from one plane to another with just ten minutes to spare before take off!

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My growing travel list for 2013; what’s on your itinerary?

I’ve been reflecting on the year of travel that was 2012. It’s officially behind us and gosh, it was a busy one.

From changing jobs to founding The Ad-lib Traveller, discovering new getaways to learning more about those close to me,  it’s been an exciting learning curve that has enlightened me at every step of the way. I’ve enjoyed group travel in Bangkok and Koh Samui, Thailand, trips with my partner to destinations like Budapest as well as dates in and around our home city of London to places like Banana Tree and Wong Kei’s. Not only this, but I’ve also shared company with friends at places like Caribbean Scene Royale and other trips like taking my younger sister on her first city break to Dublin. I’ve also been fortunate enough to help out with the London 2012 Olympics – a once in a lifetime opportunity that was again a fun experience.

It’s been an amazing year and has continued to go from strength to strength; I’ve appreciated and enjoyed every trip that has come my way and there is so much more to come – which brings me into this blog post. Whilst reflecting on 2012, I’ve been busy setting out a growing list of travel plans for 2013 – get a sneaky preview of the first quarter of the year outlined below.

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