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List of travel chats on Twitter (all times in GMT)

Each week there are a series of travel chats that take place on the Twitter-sphere bringing together new and seasoned travellers. The intention of these chats is to share experience, views and opinions of travel related issues that have quite often affected those taking part.

I created the list below of chats that I have either taken part in myself or planned to… and then missed out. Quite often, the chats are promoted to a U.S. audience, so I have converted all timings to GMT (London) time for Europe-based travellers like myself that still wish to get involved :-).

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‘Pinterest’: Informative, Inspirational and Intriguing…

The Ad-lib Traveller is now on Pinterest. Taking the plunge into another form of social media. After some debate of how I could use this to complement the blog, I decided to take the plunge – opinion so far… I love it!

So far, the site is proving to be useful, I have already ‘pinned’ a few photos from the blog, followed a few other users of the site and took some time to update my settings and categorise my ‘pin-boards’. So now, it seems a little more like a space that I could grow to love – and hope that my followers will as well. Continue reading ‘Pinterest’: Informative, Inspirational and Intriguing…