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Holiday Inn, Cavendish Street, Leeds, UK

I’ve been a little quiet for a couple of days as I had to do some travelling (UK only) with work. London to Somerset to Birmingham to Leeds to Liverpool to Birmingham and home to London. Fair to say I’m quite tired right now despite having just awoke in my latest hotel.

Now this is my very first time staying at a Holiday Inn Express, so I felt a blog post was needed as so far…. Well it’s pretty good! Continue reading Holiday Inn, Cavendish Street, Leeds, UK

The Camden Court Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

In April 2010 I arranged a two-night break to Dublin courtesy of a cheap flight with Ryanair┬áseeking a change of scene from home ­čÖé

Having decided upon the destination, I was looking for a hotel that would meet my needs by being:

  • Relatively close to the main areas itinerary – primarily Temple Bar
  • Central enough to view key sights on my itinerary – Guiness Factory and Jamesons Distillery
  • Offered a pool AND gym (at the time I was keen to develop my swimming ability!)
  • Within reasonable budget to not break the bank during the stay – essential!

After much browsing via a preferred provider, I decided upo the Camden Court Hotel which at around £50 per night offered all the facilities that I needed and was not too far from the main attractions of Dublin. Continue reading The Camden Court Hotel, Dublin, Ireland