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Tips for travelling during the festive season

I’ve lived in London for three years and it certainly has it ups and downs, with one of the benefits being the accessibility to a range of cities around the country. I love having the option to travel across the country in a few short hours to have new experiences and thankfully, the UK’s infrastructure is pretty supportive of this, however the season can completely determine just how successful my ventures will be.

When it comes to festive travel, I typically spend months organising my travel from London for the holiday season and this year is no different. Whilst I’ll be taking an international flight this year, here are my tops tips for travelling within the UK during the festive season.

Plan ahead

Give yourself as much time as possible to plan your journey. Popular routes tend to be on main city connections like Edinburgh, Birmingham and London, so check out your options and the best way for you to make the journey to your destination.

In some cities specific festivities usually take place, so be prepared that some routes may be more congested than usual.

Also, be sure to check out the connections on your route to help you to travel confidently and of course, give yourself enough time to make the connection.

Frankfurt Christmas market in Birmingham
Frankfurt Christmas market in Birmingham

Stay informed, stay in control

It’s not uncommon now for companies like TransPennine Express to keep you in the loop via their website and social media channels. Whether it’s bad weather or ‘leaves on the line’, staying informed can help you to stay calm and reassured for your trip.

Invest in noise-cancelling headphones

If your silence is golden then headphones are more than worth their weight in gold. Being relaxed and able to entertain yourself on the trip is invaluable. In the event of a delay, at least you can claim a little bit of personal head space.

Be flexible to save money

Tickets for journeys over the festive period usually go on sale a few months in advance, however certain routes may offer a reduced service. If you need to take an alternative route then be open to it. It could save you some cash – a bonus of being flexible.

Pack gifts with care

If you’re travelling with gifts, be mindful of anything that may be large, heavy or fragile. Wrap bottles and other breakable items in clothing to prevent your gift from being broken before it arrives under the tree. Even better, send your gift in advance to avoid having to travel with any bulky items that will only add to add potentially frustrating trip.

Many thanks to TransPennine Express, leading providers of rail services across the UK and part of First Group, for collaborating with me on this blog post.

Aid your traveller stomach woes with Bimuno IMMUNAID

Travellers’ diarrhoea is the most common illness contracted by Brits abroad; according to NHS statistics it affects up to 60% of travellers. Similarly, other conditions like IBS can come and go in bouts, often during times of stress or after eating certain foods that we can come across on our travels.
While it tends to be those visiting developing countries or exotic destinations that are particularly at risk, a bout of stomach trouble can occur at any time. Continue reading Aid your traveller stomach woes with Bimuno IMMUNAID

Interview with Debbie Lee Yan Wong, author of ‘The Same Sky’

I was fortunate to recently review a copy of travel memoir, The Same Sky, by Debbie Lee Yan Wong. The book details her search for peace as she travels solo through Tibet, Laos and Cambodia on an expedition to piece her life back together after a devastating break up.

As the journey proceeds, Wong is accompanied at times by strangers, locals, and fellow travellers exchanging experiences along the way. Her experience prevails throughout the memoir with her growing confidence to handle the challenges that life presents.

Following my read of the book, Debbie was kind enough to allow me an interview; read her responses below.

Continue reading Interview with Debbie Lee Yan Wong, author of ‘The Same Sky’

It may be Christmas, but are you in the spirit of goodwill?

The season of goodwill is upon us and with that comes a lot of parties, friends and family to visit and the organisation of getting from A to B and then to C to be arranged.

But, did you know:

  • 25% of people dislike seeing their families over Christmas
  • 15% hate attending parties
  • 91% will be travelling by car
  • 16% hate feeling that they need to be nice

Personally, I found those statistics a little surprising and as someone that will be travelling quite a bit this winter, a touch concerning – what happened to goodwill, merriment and festive cheer? Continue reading It may be Christmas, but are you in the spirit of goodwill?

Leonardo Hotel, Budapest, Hungary

As a treat for a weekend away, my boyfriend and I took a two night, three day break to Budapest staying at the Leonardo Hotel (formerly part of the Ramada group).

I had made the reservation for the hotel via Hotels.com at a fantastic price on a room only basis. Upon arrival on a Saturday afternoon, we were pleased to receive a warm welcome from the staff before being handed our room card for the suite on the 6th floor. Pleasantly the room was available slightly earlier than the usual check-in time of 3pm which was much appreciated after our trip to the country. We were offered room number 617 which was an upgrade from the standard double room that we had originally booked. Continue reading Leonardo Hotel, Budapest, Hungary

Tips for visiting the ‘Sovereign State’ – Dubai

As part of a one week trip, I wanted to explore two cities – Amsterdam and Dubai. A two day trip to Amsterdam, followed by continuing the flight on to Dubai for a remaining five days as part of KLM’s multi-destination booking feature. Continue reading Tips for visiting the ‘Sovereign State’ – Dubai

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Hello and welcome to the Ad-lib Traveller blog. I started this blog as a way to share my travel experiences with like-minded people across the world. Ultimately, I see the blog as a way to share my own experience but also to learn and share inspiration with others.

As the first post, I decided upon the name “Over the Rainbow” which yes, does have everything to do with the familiar Judy Garland song or more recently, Eva Cassidy. Continue reading “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”