Exploring the outdoors with Slow Ways

Like many of us, I used the UK lockdown and working from home as an opportunity to focus on my mental and physical wellbeing. For me, this involved getting out for regular walks in my local area and venturing further afield whenever possible.

I often found myself struggling to find new routes close to home and to remain inspired with my goal to be active. The Slow Ways website offered some alternative options that I was able to try.

Slow Ways is an initiative to create a national network of walking routes connecting all of Great Britain’s towns and cities, as well as thousands of villages. Using existing paths, trails and roads, people can use Slow Ways to walk around neighbouring areas, combining them to create longer distance trips as well. The website focus is to make it easier for people to imagine, plan and share their walking journeys.

As a result of using the Slow Ways website, I was asked to participate in a video about Slow Ways and encouraging people to be active, but also to review and contribute new routes to the website.

With summer pending, I wanted to share the Slow Ways website, in case you’re also looking for ideas on routes that you can walk and/or review, near you. Check it out today.

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