“Thai Kosai worked with Colleen of Ad-lib Traveller blog to build awareness for the newly opened massage parlour in the heart of London.

Colleen has been a great help, giving us a really thorough write-up and lots of promotion on social media that has generated several customer leads. Colleen has been a great supporter of ours as we start our online marketing effort.” Chris and Kanjana, Thai Kosai

testimonials“It was a pleasure working with Colleen to help get the word out about our new product for travelers. She was easy to reach and provided great social exposure for our product, and a frank, honest review, something so essential for our customers. Thanks for the opportunity, and best wishes!” – Miriam Druyan, Telaway


“Colleen was a pleasure to work with. Her blog posts were engaging, enjoyable to read and delivered within days. On top of that, she also shared these blogs through all her social media platforms to ensure they reached the wider social community. I would definitely recommend Colleen for travel blogging!” Polly Gibson, Bunyip Tours, Melbourne, Australia

“We are a small family owned and operated business and have been learning a lot about the benefits of working with quality bloggers who can reach a wide audience. After attending a workshop run by our local Tourism board (Destination NSW), we put the word out to different blogger groups to experience a tour for free and Colleen from @Adlibtraveller was both friendly and professional from the start of our communication.

Colleen joined us on two separate day tours from Sydney (Hunter Valley Wine Tasting Tour & Blue Mountains Tour). She loved the tours, wrote a fantastic account of both days and shared photos too. Cheers Colleen!” Stuart Wesierski, Zepher Tours, Sydney, Australia.

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