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My top 5 foodie delights of Brussels, Belgium

imageTowards the end of 2012, my friend and I were able to take a trip to Brussels for a one night stay, taking in as many sights as possible during our limited time there. From wandering around the Grand Place to restaurants like Manneken, to checking out the museum area and a late night trip to L’Archiduc – quite simply the best bar that I have visited in a long time – we had a great time for our first girly weekend break away together.

In between taking in the sights and developing achy feet from our thirst to explore, we made many stop off’s to sample the food of Belgium. From sweetly-topped waffles to savoury dishes like Moules-Frites, Belgium offers such a range of gastronomy that you simply can’t avoid absorbing it. I thought I would use this post to share to few photos of foods that we tried during our stay in the country. Continue reading My top 5 foodie delights of Brussels, Belgium

Au Lotus Thai, Bourse Beurs, Brussels

Following a full day browsing Brussels and taking in sights such as Atomium, Saint Catherine and La Grand Place, I was seeking somewhere affordable and appealing to tuck into dinner.

My boyfriend and I had already decided to enjoy our favourite Thai cuisine. As we were already in the Bourse Beurs area of the city, we browsed a selection of other restaurants to find somewhere that looked appealing for our late Saturday night treat before deciding upon Au Lotus Thai, a Thai restaurant which was a five minute walk from the nearest metro stop. Continue reading Au Lotus Thai, Bourse Beurs, Brussels