PicStick by Ad-lib Traveller

Let the images do the talking with PicStick!

For readers of Ad-lib Traveller blog, you can now take advantage of a 25% discount for a limited time with the code ‘ADLIB25‘ – enter it on the PicStick website to redeem.
I recently contacted PicStick to find out about their product that allows customers to transform favourite pictures into beautiful photo magnets.

PicStick provides a straight forward way to upload photos from a computer, phone, Facebook or Dropbox and have them printed as glossy magnetic pictures. It seemed surprisingly easy and with the promise of a speedy delivery, I wanted to try it out.

When you first arrive on the PicStick website, there’s a clear guide of how to begin. The fun starts with choosing the nine photos that you want on your PicStick sheet. I chose to upload photos from Dropbox, Facebook and my personal hard drive as it isn’t solely dedicated to travel but also combines photos of my loved ones.

I was surprised at just how simple the process was and had no trouble at all flicking between various accounts to access my photos and upload them onto the PicStick template.

Customers then have the option to rearrange the layout of the magnet, before confirming the selection of photos by saving to the basket and heading to the checkout screen. All very simple so far and yet the only thing left to do was to enter payment and postage details before sitting back and letting PicStick work its magic. Having completed the order process, I received a confirmation email to thank me for my order and that was all. The actual process takes no more than a few minutes to complete. The most time consuming part of the process was choosing a selection of photos to display – it really was that easy.

I had placed my order on a Monday evening, so you can only imagine my surprise on Tuesday morning to find that my delivery had arrived. Literally hours after placing my order. Fab!

PicStick by Ad-lib Traveller

The photo magnets are printed using high tech digital printing equipment on 200gsm art board to give them a high quality and durable finish. Each individual photo magnet is 50x65mm and 0.75mm thick.

The entire process has been exceptionally trouble-free. Every part of my communication with PicStick was easy and I didn’t feel that there was anything challenging about the company.

PicSticks are hard-wearing, child-friendly and can be stuck to any metallic surface to display those cherished memories. The durable material means that they are easy to clean and I’m confident that they’ll last for a while.

You can easily separate each sheet of nine photo magnets by tearing along the perforated edges or bending and snapping them off.  It’s a nice way of allowing you to either display photos in the singular grid as they are presented or to mix them up into any preferred combination of magnets.


I loved receiving my PicStick photo magnets, it was fun to open the envelope and see some of my most memorable moments captured on a fridge magnet. I look forward to seeing my photos each time I am in the kitchen – it’s a unique way to present occasions for regular viewing and made the the perfect photo gift for yourself or your loved ones.

If you’d like to try the PicStick product then take advantage of a 25% discount for a limited time with the code ‘ADLIB25‘. I’d love to hear how you get on with your ordering experience.

Many thanks to PicStick for the opportunity to try your product.

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