Hotel Ariane Montparnasse, Paris

imageOn a recent trip to Paris, I chose to stay at the Hotel Ariane Montparnasse for a boutique style hotel experience. Located in Montparnasse and a few minutes walking distance from Pernety and Alecia metro stations, it was an ideal place to spend a night. The ease of the location meant that it was an easy ride on the metro into the centre of Paris. Not only this, but the hotel also included breakfast, which was much needed after spending the previous day wandering endlessly around the beautiful streets of Paris. An added bonus was in the free WiFi which worked well, even for us on the 4th floor of the hotel.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Anthony who explained all necessary details, and also gave us a few tips with directions to help us travel around. We then went off to view our room before heading back out into the city. The room itself was on the small side but importantly, it was clean, tidy and had a fridge for our drinks! Also, as we had been seeking a ‘budget’ stay, this was exactly what we had anticipated.

The following morning a buffet breakfast was available (included in the room booking price) which consisted of pastries, boiled eggs, ham and bread rolls with a selection of drinks. It was suitable for us to get started for the day, before we appealed to our desire for almond croissants!

Check out a few photos below of our room and the breakfast.





It may not be five-star, but if you can get the right room and are looking for budget accommodation, close to the ¬†metro station and in an area with plenty of shops and cafes dotted around, then Hotel Ariane Montparnasse should be considered. We had a good nights’ rest at the hotel and even overslept by an hour – for me, that mattered more than pretty much anything else!

Would I stay again? If I were looking for a one/ two night stay on a budget, then yes.

Have you visited Hotel Ariane Montparnasse or can you recommend any other hotels that you have stayed at in Paris?

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